Health and wellness

The URL of my web site is and I have posted a lot about my experience with cancer, but not anything about health and wellness.  My goal in making this blog was to encourage others to be healthy and share what I have learned as a Health and PE teacher for 16 years with the reader.  I was going to put in health tips, healthy recipes, exercise tips, and other information related to health and fitness.  But cancer has kind of taken over the posts.  Since the latest diagnosis, that seems to occupy my thoughts and posts.  I also was going to tell my story.  I plan on doing that, but first I need to catch my breath on all this cancer stuff.  I will say, however, I believe that the exercising and healthy eating (for the most part) habits I have done has made me live longer and with more good health.  I also believe the thought processes of visualizing good health have helped.  I have Stage 4 cancer.  That usually give a 1-2 year life expectancy.  I have lived with stage 4 cancer for 7, and cancer in general for 10.
So, I am not sure how this blog will be, it seems to be evolving on it’s own as life experiences happen.  Perhaps if things ever slow down I can get to my original goals for this web site.

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